February 6 Trivia Rankings

A fantastic night of trivia, my Quizlings. Close game, that’s for sure (check out those scores). But that’s just how it plays out. Some weeks it’s a high scoring game – others … well, you wish I’d take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.

What’d we get up to? We scored very low in tennis, misspelled a tuber and played in the Puppy Bowl. Plus there was this video short that’s really a commercial…

Now let’s see how your team did. Check it out and we’ll do it again next week with a special Valentine’s Day game.

Stupor Bowl 71
Brownie Dots 70
Presidentially Harassed? Ha Ha Ha 70
The New England Patriots Of Team Trivia 70
Bored Of Education 69
The State of Tomato Jake’s Is Strong 67
Nancy And Sluggo 66
The Rachel Ray Fan Club 61
This Team Is Made With Corn Syrup 60
State Of the Union As Unwatchable As The Super Bowl 59
Silence Of The Rams 59
Rams 3, Maroon 5 59
The State Of The Union Is Loooong 58
Fat Kids Win At See Saw 40
The Clean-Up Hitters 40

Many thanks to those who donated to pay for Quebec‘s eye surgery. Here’s a pic of the feline trooper below. Plus, check out the SEE Is For Cats Fund details if you want to do more.


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