December 5 Trivia Rankings

The holiday season is here and Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia wants to spice up your end-of-the-year revels with a Ring-In-The-New-Year Raffle on January 2nd! You get one raffle tickets for playing every Wednesday until 1/02/19 and you’ll get extra tickets for A) bringing newbies, B) posting fliers and C) spreading the word. Seriously, get the word out about TJWNT to family, friends and co-workers and we’ll give you an extra ticket. How do you spread the word? Talk us up on social media, make a bumper sticker for your car or whatever comes to mind. I’ll make the final determination on if and how many tickets are dispensed.

This week, we rioted in Paree, talked up a Shakespearean king and bid a fond adieu to the star of Herbie Rides Again. Plus, there was this little gem from the time when MTV actually aired videos…

Now let’s see how your team measured up this week…

Trump Is [         ]ed 70
The Helen Keller School of Interior Design 67
no[SNOW] 64
Let It Snow! No School On Monday! 63
 “Substantial Assistance” Needed 63
Katy’s Back & There’s Gonna Be Trouble 59
My Hair And Boots 55
Dinnersaurs 54
Send Trivia Answers Plz 54
9 Of Hearts 51
Slice Slice Baby 50
Pizza Smelling Cologne 42
Mozzarella Greg’s 42

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