Drive Shaft

To the guy in the truck at the shopping center:

Okay, I admit at first I thought you might be a bit of a jerk. I mean, you took up two spaces with your pick-up truck and you zoomed through the parking lot at speeds which can only be described as outrageous and dangerous …

But then I spied the Ford decal on the back of your window. It had flames bursting out of each side. A Ford logo with flames! Obviously I was dealing with someone who was just so excessively cool it was beyond not only comprehension but reproach. That’s the only explanation. No way someone so cool and awesome could be the jerk I’d earlier surmised.

So forgive me for my snap judgement. That flaming Ford decal proved me wrong. It is your proof of coolness and your license to drive and park however you like. Go to it, suavemeister. And godspeed!


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