October 3 Trivia Rankings

What an amazing night of trivia, Quizlings. A light turnout but a bright turnout (check out those scores!) nonetheless. Remember our Halloween Trivia Bash in just a few weeks – prizes for costumes that move us.

This week? We got finicky with Morris, trusted our intuition with Jewel and lost an eye in the NFL.  Plus there was this bit of pop culture reference…

Now here are the week’s team rankings with the highest ties I think we’ve ever had (seriously, check those out).

Presidential Alert: Tomato Jake’s Trivia Every Wednesday at 8 71
You Can’t Sit With Us ‘Cuz We’re First Place 71
Attractive Magnets 70
News Is Bad For You 70
It’s October 3rd 68
Devil’s Pentagon 65
Bart Ralphed On Me 63
Blue Screen of Death 62
Ace Of Spades, Your Order’s Up 61
Perjury: It’s A Drinking Game 58
The Most Unethical Sham 56
On Wednesdays We Play Trivia 44
Women Are Doing Great 44
The Aggies 26

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