August 29 Trivia Rankings

The weather was hot but the trivia was hotter. In fact, it seems that last round may have been incendiary! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. Have a safe Labor Day and we’ll see you next week, okay?

This week we chatted about Neil Simon’s legacy (it’s not Rent), the proper way to raise your young’uns and what George Clooney would look like in a dress. But there was this wee flightless fowl as well…


Now check out this week’s team rankings. #DogDaysOfTrivia continue into September!

Catsuit Fight! 67
Trump Needs Color By Numbers 63
Dogsuits Still OK, Right? 62
Crazy, Rich And Aging 62
1 Starving College Student 51
Too Bigly To Fail 50
Trump Switches To Bing 49
Show Me Your Kitties 46
Google The Devil So Unfair 45
Dan’s Inaugural Trivia 42
No Catsuit? Fine, I’ll Wear My Tutu 42
This One’s In The Books 39
Just Eat It 37
Switching From Pounds To Kilos Leads to Mass Confusion 37
The NYU Dads 35
The Nerdy Bunch 32
Super Troopers 28

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