August 8 Trivia Rankings

A little rain couldn’t keep the diehard Quizlings away! Thanks to all who came to play. The Dog Days of Trivia continue and I got to see some wonderful puppy pics this week. Next week: your exotic pet photos. But no spiders. (You think I’m joking? Try it, matey. I don’t want to see any arachnids unless one’s about to give me radioactive spider powers.)

I think we’ll raffle off that #DogDaysOfTrivia gift basket on September 29 – the date we’ll observe our ninth anniversary! Make plans to come out and celebrate with us!

This week, we talked of gassy muses, Potter siblings and animated Emmy noms. Plus there was this swingin’ musical number…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See you next week, Quizlings!

Lynn’s Treehouse 63
Is This Ostrich Jacket Weather? 60
Rain, Rain, Go Away 59
We Asked Glen To Help Us Come Up With A Team Name And He Said F Trump 57
Betsy’s Mind Is Like Her Yacht –  Lost At Sea 55
Aces And 8s: Donald, Your Order Is Ready 55
The Meat Sweats 52
Don’t Tariff Me, Bro 50
Is There A Lightning Round? 50
Tesla’s Trvial Team 49
The Poppyseed Defense 49
The Answers Are On Vacation 49
ICE, ICE, Baby Jails 48
If You’re Not Eating Crayons, What Are You Doing With Your Life? 47
Salami Milk 47
You’re A Quizard, Harry! 46
216 Hours Til College 45
Jacrispy 43
The Cure For Our Rainy Day Is Ice Cream 40
Pawnee Goddesses 40
Conspiracy Theories 31
Gorilla Biscuits 30

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