June 27 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to everyone who came out to play this week. For those who didn’t (shame!), a special note and reminder: No Tomato Jake’s Trivia next week due to Independence Day (the holiday, not the movie).  See everybody in two weeks as the Dog Days Of Trivia continue!

Meanwhile, this week was all about Sanrio kitties, cinematic culinary clashes and wire-to-wire ball clubs. Also, there was this canine champ…

Now here are this week’s rankings. See how your team did!

The FDA Says I Should Smoke Now 68
Things Better With Beard Hair: Glen 66
No Soup For You, Sarah! 64
Team Names Are Really Hard 62
Jake Says My Shirt Is Not “Felt” Enough 62
Shh! We have A Sleeping Baby 61
Allison’s Birthday 60
Eric Trump For Inferior Court 60
Germany Got Das Boot 56
Only One In Dog Beers 54
Ashley, A Little Help With the Score, Please 51
The Bigs Boys V4 50
Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Woman? 44
2 Guys Who Don’t Know Squat 39
The Supreme Court Nominees 36
Kevin Needs A Raise 31

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