June 6 Trivia Rankings

What a great night for trivia and what a great bunch of Quizlings! Seriously, thanks to everyone who came out to play. Remember: The Dog Days of Trivia are here – spread the word and bring the pooches out to play.

This week, we did the right thing with Spike Lee (“Yo, Mookie!”), talked with the animals with a good doctor from Puddleby-on-the-Marsh and flipped for a acronymic breakfast chain.  Plus we got or spell on with Scripps …

Now here are the week’s rankings. See you next Wednesday!

The 4th Place Rut 60
Pardon Me! 56
Heat And Humidity Index Points To Ice Cream 55
Professor X’s School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry 55
Melania’s Kidney Lift 53
I’ve Got A Quarter In My Pocket 51
T-Team 50
Monsant-Who? 49
Frogs Wear Open Toad Shoes 49
It’s Our 20th Anniversary! Give Us A Damn Brownie! 49
Say “Yes” To The Stress 49
Chicken Wings Aren’t the Only Tiny Thing In Tomato Jake’s Kitchen 47
Hooters Gotta Hoot 46
Hammermans 44
School’s Out For Haramabe 44
BILFs and Tacos 43
We Demand Ice Cream! 42
I’d Bake Your Cake 39
The Big Boys 39
Come Check Me Out 37
Matt LeBlanc And the LeBlancs 36
Rudy Trivianis 34
J.R. Smith’s Clockreading Academy 34
No Bathing Suit? Do I Still Get A Crown? 34
The Gorls 34
No Capes! 32
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 28

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