May 30 Trivia Rankings

The rain would not stay away but, only slightly dampened, the Quizlings persevered. (You’ll never win, Fishel!) Thanks to everyone who came out to play and we’ll see you next Wednesday for more trivia (and some ice cream treats).

This week we rode an Iron Horse, explored the periodic table of elements and united the workers of the all lands. And there was, of course, this must-sing-along-to hit song…

Now here are the team rankings for the week. Come for the many Ambien references. Stay for Creepy Uncle Jeff.

Ambien Fueled And Still Not Racist 64
Drove 1200 Miles To Be Here 64
Jar Jar: A Star Star Wars Story 64
If Poor Judgement and A Big Mouth Had A Baby… 63
Abhorrent, Repugnant & Inconsistent With Our Trivia 62
We’re Too Tired To Make An Ambien Joke 61
North Korea: Better At Diplomacy than Us? 60
Roseanne Out-Twitters Trump 55
Only Best Buddies Excute Pedophiles Together 55
Blame Our Trivia Score On Ambien 54
MySpace Was A Lot less Racist 54
Who Needs Fronds When You’ve Got Anemones 53
Creepy Uncle Jeff 50
Dead Last 51
The Unkempt Bushes 48
The Big Boys 46
Trivia Wars: A New Hope 45

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