Dream Loather

I had a dream last night where I was taking a class and I wasn’t prepared. Yeah, still have those; I’m guessing I’ll still have ’em when I’m 80! Anyway I showed up and the professor says that everyone has to pick an oral report topic. Well, in the dream, I’ve missed some classes and I’m behind so I don’t know what topic to pick or what the format is or anything. It appears to be a Roman history class and the reports are generally on the dry side so I figure, I’m a performer – I’ll do some dramatic reading or comedy piece, maybe Julius Caesar as Frank Sinatra or something, and the class’ll be so impressed that I didn’t just stand up and read my damn paper that I’ll ace it!

And then Hugh Jackman gets up. Yes, Hugh bloody Jackman. Apparently he’s in my class and he gives his oral report as this singing, dancing, Broadway showcase of his incredible talents. It’s The Life of Julius Caesar as interpreted by the multi-talented Wolverine himself and it is amazing. He even has Halle Berry and Famke Janssen do cameos at the end to help him out. And the class and the professor go absolutely wild. A standing ovation for Jackman.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting there, mouth agape, saying to myself, “Dammit! Now everyone will think I copied Hugh Jackman!”

Yeah, I know it was just a dream but I’m still pissed off. Hugh effin’ Jackman. Never had a problem with the guy until now. Freakin’ showoff. Almost makes me wanna take Kate & Leopold outta my Netflix queue. (Hey, I said “almost.”)

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