Oddly True Facts That Are Odd But True

Check out these amazing facts. Some are incredible and some are strange but all are true.

James Arness, Henry Kissinger, Charo and Bil Keane all have asteroids named after them.

89% of Millennials do not know how to use an hourglass.

Hitchhiking is illegal in the Canadian village of Binscarth in Manitoba, Canada. Because of its remote location, there have never been any cars in Binscarth.

Writer Stephen King admits he was afraid of the dark well into his late teens and starting writing horror as a form of therapy.

Acceptable plural forms of the word octopus are octopi, octopuses, octopus, octopar, octopax and octotupple.

The most decorated military personage in history was Swedish naval officer Henrik af Trolle.

The Denver Broncos mascot, Miles, was fired in 2004 after throwing his mascot suit off the top of Invesco Field, making thousands of fans think he had committed suicide.

The singer Meat Loaf made most of his money not by selling records but by becoming one of the principle investors in Qdoba.

The “Wiccan Times” voted a mountain in Wales named Craig y Llyn as the most haunted outdoor place in Great Britain.

In the 1940s, Swiss doctors experimented with LSD as a cure for menopause.

The first film to be released on DVD was “Beaches.”

Caskets are one of the largest environmental polluters worldwide.

In 1904, a duck was entered into the Westminster Kennel Dog Show as a joke. There was such an uproar that the show was cancelled the following year.

In any joint session of Congress, there is always one seat left vacant due to a centuries-old superstition that filling every seat brings bad luck.The record for a paper airplane’s flight is 1781 feet.

A cat’s purr can heal. In a 2015 study at Johns Hopkins, patients with broken bones were able to heal 30% faster when subjected to sounds of cats purring played at ultrasonic frequencies.

Due to a shipping error, the December 1955 issue of “Gabby Hayes Western” by Fawcett Publications outsold every other comic book on the stands.

9 out of 10 unmarried men believe all they have never had 100% honesty with a significant other.

In order to ensure no student feels left out, Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida has made every single member of its senior class Prom King and/or Queen since 2012.

If a shark swallows a magnet, it will swim in circles until it dies.

The video game character Donkey Kong gets his name from the Japanese word for barrel – also a nickname for a part of the male anatomy.

One of the deadliest Civil War battles per capital was the Battle of Wyse Fork in which all males 16 and older in the town of Kinston were killed.

Among the now-famous people who auditioned to be in the boy band New Kids On The Block include David Boreanaz, Norman Reedus and Edward Norton.

A gecko’s saliva is exceptionally viscous and the gecko clings to surfaces by coating its feet in its own saliva.

The late Sen. Strom Thurmond had a minor hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967 with a spoken word recording of “I Wish I Was In Dixie.”

Comedian Jimmie Walker is the 22nd cousin by marriage of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.


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