January 4 Trivia Rankings

Happy New year, my Quizlings! Thanks to all who came out to play in the first game of 2017. We said goodbye to some familiar faces, found out why it’s not easy being green (although apparently it’s easier for some teams than others) and, hey, it’s a little early for 4/20 but California runs at a different pace, I guess.


Now here are the rankings for the weeks (with tiebreakers factored in). See you next time, folks!

The Person Who Comes Up With Our Crappy Team Names Is Out of Town This Week 70
Don’t Go In The Comments Section 69
Can I Deck My Coworker? 67
Meatball Sugar 65
Megyn Kelly’s Boots Are Made For Walking 65
K KO’d, B OK, K! 60
Your Mom Likes This Team Name (ha ha) 60
Planning For The Apocalypse 58
Born On New Years, Cost My Parents A Grand 58
Winning Is Our New Year’s Resolution 52
Blended, Not Stirred 51
The Best Scarecrow Is Outstanding is His Field 51
Uteruses Over Duderuses 51
Did Mariah Carey Know She Wasn’t On Lip Sync Battle? 51
Putin On The Ritz 50
Louisiana 48
We’re Back But Without The Dinosaurs 47
Eight Of Diamonds 45

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