December 28 Trivia Rankings

A gracious thank you to all the Quizlings who came out to play for the last trivia bout of 2016. Don’t fret – we’ll do it and next week and every Wednesday after that.

The big news is that one lucky Quizling walked away with a prize basket containing loads* of swag and miscellanea. Congrats, Darby! I did neglect to mention the basket also had a $5 Tomato Jake’s Gift Card (so you can buy dessert) and a $5 Rise Gift Card (so you can buy breakfast).


Thanks, again! Now check out the full rankings…

I Thought We Were Going To Have An Adult As The President – NOT! 70
Keep Calm And Carrie On 62
3 Days Left To Protect Betty White 56
See You Next Year 55
2016 Took The Rest Of Our Team 52
Tiny Kitten Kisses 49
2016, Take Trump Instead 49
A New Hope 48
The German Christmas Pickle Is A Lie 45
Latke Masters 43
Taking The Bus To Syracuse 42
Pepperoni, Peppers, Pineapple, Pizza Pie 39
7 Of Spades 37
Party Of 5 35
Frack Is Whack 34
It’s Yuge 25

*Gift Basket was full of the following: One Of A Kind Tomato Jake’s Trivia T-Shirt, Framed Picture Of Elon Musk, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Chapel Hill Toffee, Shatner RulesSwept Away, Canada Keychain, How To Survive A Sharknado, ESPN Water Bottle, C3PO Pez, Dunkin Donuts Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Hollywood Video Membership Card, Frozen Calendar 2017, Bottle Of Water for Bottle Flip Practice, Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria Sunglasses, One Million Dollars Chocolate Bar, AMC Theater Tickets, Selfie Starburst, Wooly Willy, Rise Gift Card, Tomato Jake’s Gift Card, Ginger Bread Cookie Mix and Celebration’s Bottle Of Favorite Mixed Candies


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