December 21 Trivia Rankings

Happy holidays, Quizlings! And many thanks to those who came out to share a pre-Yule triviaganza with us. I guess if you could have made a meal off of the trivia this week it would consist of sufganiyah, provolone, salt, liver, Captain Morgan, Monster Energy Drink and, uh – candles. Not sure if that’s palatable but the trivia sure was fun. We’ll wrap up 2016 next Wednesday with some year-in-review questions and the December raffle (bring those newbies, wear those sweaters and post those fliers).

Here are the team rankings …

Fugly Sweaters Are Our Business And Business I Good 71
A Lump Of Coal For Pat 70
Naughty By Choice 64
Our Elector Voted For Jake’s 64
My Yule Log Is Yuge 63
2016: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like $#!tmas [poop emoji] 62
Phishing For Access 62
Hoping We Do Better Than Last Week 57
Yule Fools 56
The Know-Nothings 52
Elf On the Shelf 52
Now Accepting Donations For The Human Fund 51
Los Tres Amigos 48
Trump Trivia Advisory Council 47
Inflatable Pimps 44
The Chocolate Cherries 37

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