November 16 Trivia Rankings

A great night for trivia, Quizlings! Hope you had a chance to enjoy the festivities. If not – good news: we’ll do again next week. And give away a turkey to boot. Don’t stay home with the in-laws you can’t stand – come out to Tomato Jake’s and play trivia!

What’d you miss Wednesday night? If I said supermoons and detective hats and Vanilla Fudge, would that mean anything? Shoulda been there, folks.

Also, remember: it pays to look down occasionally:


So. How’d your team do? No need to wonder – here are the rankings for the week…

Don’t Know About You But this Week Has Felt Like Four Years 71
Dungeon Masters are Swingers 65
Bastards Of The Machine 64
Outrage Fatigue 63
Donald Trump NOT Voted Sexiest Man Alive 62
Glen’s Favorite 61
Mentored By Obama 60
Libbey Has Spoken 59
Canadian Immigration Is Closed For The Next Four Years 58
Cheeto Voldemort 58
#Sparky2020 55
Uncivil Procedure 54
Doomsday Party At Jake’s 51
Okra Of My Eye 50
M-Theory 49
In Other News…39 Sleeps Til Christmas 49
Last Year At The Kids’ Table 43
Cockroach 41
Citizens Of The Bar 39

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