November 9 Trivia Rankings

Yes, it was a somber night at Wednesday Night Trivia. Most were nursing recent political wounds (those that caused them were perhaps out celebrating – hard to say). But we persevered and triviaed on.

In case you missed it – we counted electoral votes, rewrote literary history and made a big hamburger even bigger.

Plus there was this guy…

We’ll do it again next week, Quizlings! Spread the word (and put up those fliers)!

Now see how your team did this week.

Breaking News: Canada Begins Wall Construction 65
Stop Asking – I’m Fine! 63
Mourning In America 62
We Can Watch TV Again 59
Idiocracy Becomes Documentary 58
4 More Beers! 57
Trumped Up, Trickle Down Election 48
Dammit, Our Passports Are Expired! 44
WTF 42
Putin 2020 41
Finally, No More Political Ads 32
Glen Gordon 29

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