October 26 Trivia Rankings

Seven years! Wow! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to celebrate with us. Here are a few…


Lots of prizes, lots of trivia and lots of fun. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Oh – and keep posting those fliers! Spread the word and share the love.

Here are this week’s team rankings.

Count Chocula Touched My Frankenberries 70
What Will We Complain About After The Election? 65
Because You Were Home 65
Happy Birthday, Hillary (Ms. Clinton, If You’re Nasty) 64
You Can Grab My Kitty But You Have To Ask First 60
The Spooky Team 60
Tasmanian Devil Milkers 60
It’s Heather’s Birthday (Ms. Heather If You’re Nasty) 59
Vote Late – Skip The Line 59
Taupeless Beach 55
Dirty 52
Trump-Clinton, Cubs-Indians, Us Winning Trivia – The End Is Nigh 51
I Want My Oak Bowl Back 50
The Cubs Aren’t Done Hibernating 47
Bad News Beers 45
Sync Squad 41
My Couch Pulls Out 39

Now … Harambee’s Ghost bids you goodnight!



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