October 5 Trivia Rankings

Our Seventh Anniversary continues – ALL MONTH LONG!!

Thanks for being there to help us celebrate. It was a great night of trivia and some awesome drawings of dinosaurs fighting (I’ll post a few later). Along the way, we talked about hurricanes, breakups and dead birds.

Oh, and there was this …

Don’t forget – all month long you get a raffle ticket just for playing trivia with us (one per adult Quizling per week) and you can get extra raffle tickets for bringing an adult newbie (one per adult Quizling per week) or posting a Tomato Jake’s Trivia flier and snapping a pic of the posting (one per adult Quizling per week). Email me with the pic (in context, please) or show me at trivia. Also, follow me @SparkyMacMillan on Twitter for other ways to gain the system.

Now here are this week’s trivia rankings. See how your team did.

Two Dinosaurs Enter – One Dinosaur Leaves 67
Go Away, Matthew. And Take The Candidates With You 65
Whip Out That Mexican Thing 64
Who Won The Trivia Debate? Us, Of Course! 63
Hurricane Party 61
I’m Doing Whole 30 So Don’t Give My Team A Brownie 57
I’d Rather Someone Steal The Timeslot From The Kardashian Show 57
Donald And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week 56
Bread, Milk And Toilet Paper 54
Between Hillary and Trump, We’ll Take Matthew 53
I Got Nothing 52
We Know Who’s Holding The Kardashian Family Jewels 51
5 Girls And A Baby 51
Godzilla For Prez: The Suffering Ends Quickly 50
Pence’s nO-Face 50
It’s Alena’s Birthday! 47
Take Me, Matthew, I’m Ready 44
Autumn Lite 44
Derek Zoolander’s Team Of People Who Look Good And Want To Learn To Read Good Too 39

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