September 28 Trivia Rankings

Seven years! Blimey, where does the time go? I guess before you know it it’ll be 2023 and we’ll be celebrating 14 years but who really celebrates the decatessara anniversary?

Did you miss the fun? You may have stayed home and dry but you could have seen some Disney characters, watched some balloons pop and had one last shot at that hotel room for the night and dinner for two package we raffled off (congrats, Katy).

The good news? We are extending our seventh anniversary celebration into October! So you’ll get a raffle ticket each week you show up to play plus for extra special reasons I’ll pass along each week.

Now, here are the team rankings:

Queen Of Hearts, Your Order Is Ready 67
Our Answers Are Correct (Don’t Fact Check Us) 63
Live Free Or Thesis Hard 60
2 Smart 2 Pay Taxes 57
Who Will Stop The Rain? 56
My Husband Never Picks The Team Name – Maybe My Next Husband Will 56
Making Trivia Great Again For Seven Years 54
Trump’s No Master Debater 53
I Know More About The Sniffles Than The Generals Do 51
Paul’s Last Trivia 51
Crushing Trivia Like Hillary Crushed Trump 50
Just Here To Unwind 48
1916: Vote, Get $ – 2016: Vote, Pay $ 47
What’s Brown and Rhymes With Snoop? Dr. Dre 45
Bodacious Braggadocious Bros 44
Emily Perry For Prez 2020 43
7th Year’s A Charm 39
Vote Vino 2016 37

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