September 21 Trivia Rankings

What a night! If you weren’t there, Quizlings, you missed out! Everyone got a free gallon of gas – just for showing up to play! Sorry you missed it. Oh well…

Reminder: Next week is the finale of our 7th anniversary celebration! We’ll hold the raffle for a night out (hotel/dinner) and play some special games and maybe a little surprise or two. The point is: do not miss it! Fun is only the least awesome thing that’ll happen.

This week was all about bones and toys and Emmys and poutine. Mmmmmm … poutine.

Remember to bring a newbie next week (last week) to get an extra raffle ticket. One extra per Quizling. But your teammates can bring a newbie. And your newbie can bring a newbie. Take advantage of it while it lasts! (Newbies and Quizlings must be 18 to take part in raffle. All newbies are on the honor system.)

Now, here are this week’s trivia rankings:

Iron Wolves 65
The Art Of The Self Deal 64
Skittles Don’t Kill People… 61
We Used Our Last Gallon of Gas To Get To Trivia 61  (tie)
Do Twins Ever Realize One Of Them Was Unplanned? 61  (tie)
Running On Fumes 58
Divorce Is The Pitts 57
We’d Come Up With Something Clever But We Ran Out Of Gas 54
Sent With Invisble Ink 54
I’ve Got Gas 52
Crash 49
Actually, We Ended The Birther Conversation 42
3 Muska-Beers 39

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