September 14 Trivia Rankings

A great night for trivia, Quizlings. Some of you brought your copper and wool offerings and we had a scavenger hunt and some Dunkin’ Donuts found deserving bellies.

Along the way, we learned about sitcoms of the 00s, days of the week and how to really play UNO. Oh, and there was this guy…

Remember to bring a newbie and get an extra raffle ticket all September long (one noob per Quizling per week). Also, follow me on Twitter for more seventh anniversary opportunities.

Now, here are the trivia rankings for the week.

Basket Of Deplorables, Pantsuit Of Stupidity 66
We Got Nothin’ 62
Loki Or Lochte – Coincidence? We Think Not 62
Do YOU Know Where The Rest Of My Team Is? 59
Uuuuuhh… 57
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Basket 56
We [heart symbol] Cats 56
Ladies Night And We’re Feeling Right 55
Orally Fixated 54
If You Haggle Over An Answer It’s A Trivial Pursuit 53
Dem Bones 48
Stephen Hawking School Of Dance 47
Mensa-Pause 47
H2 Oh! Not The NCAA 45
Are We Really Still Talkng About This? 38
I Guess We Did Need Jack After All 36
Trivia Newton-John 31
Periodic Table Dancers 30
Triangle Clown Posse 30

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