September 7 Trivia Rankings

Weird night, Quizlings. Missed a lot of familiar faces. Long Labor Day vacation, I guess.

Well, if you weren’t there, you missed raffle tickets! Yep, all month long, we’re giving out raffle tickets to celebrate seven year of triviawesomeness. One ticket per person (adults only, because of the prize) each time you play throughout September. Extra tickets for various reasons. Follow me on Twitter for weekly hints and ideas on how to earn more raffle tix.

The big prize? A night’s stay in a local hotel and dinner for two. (That’s why we have to limit it to over 18.)

One way to get extra tickets? Bring a newbie! All month long, each person who brings a Tomato Jake’s Quizling Newbie will get one extra raffle ticket (one ticket person, per week – honor system, of course). Please Note: All Newbies must be attending of there own volition – no kidnapping.

Now, here’s this week’s trivia rankings:

Rule #6: Tip The Staff! 70
Dear Apple: I’ve Already Lost My Wireless Earbuds 68
Tuesday’s Feature: Bill Durham 68
Tuesday Night Trivia Is Our Favorite 62
To Infiniti And Beyond 56
Our Trivia Team Was Autodrafted 49
I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords 46
You Wine Some, You Booze Some 45
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 45
Tacos 2016: Guac The Vote 41
Our Teammates Mysteriously Disappeared After We Made Fun Of Brady’s Hair 40
What Are You Gonna Do? Stab Me? 40
Owl Pals 32

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