August 31 Trivia Rankings

A very interesting night of trivia so thanks to all the wonderful Quizlings who came out to play. Reminder that Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia will be celebrating our seventh anniversary every week in September. That means for the next four weeks you’ll be treated to special games, special prizes and maybe some special rounds of trivawesomeness.

This week was all about Phelps Face, Zhu Zhu music and serious Francophilia. Oh – and this dude…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings from top to bottom. How’d your team do?

The Unemployed Oompa Loompass 71
Tebow Doesn’t Have A Prayer 62
Tom Brady’s New Hairdon’t 55
Team Name 54
Heaven Got Wilder 54
Kanye Made Us Famous 53
My Drinking Friends Have A Trivia Problem 52
Despite All Our Rage, We’re Still Just Nicolas Cage 49
A Team Has No Name 49
Freudian Sips 49
Pikachu vs. Rudolph 48
Returning Participation Medal Winners 47
Timmy’s Avengers 45
Sickenstein 45
Mexico’s Paying For My Yuge Pizza 44
We May Lose Every Week But Our Team Name Is On Point 41
1 Pack 1 Goal 41
Still Waiting For Our Calzones 40
Jack, Come Back 39

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