All Creatures Great And Creepy

You would think that anthropomorphic animals would be a cute way to ease the anxiety at a veterinarian’s office. You’d think that. And perhaps well executed, such an idea might work. But this? Major fail.

ZTE0822 003

This is the illustration found on a box of veterinary surgical drape. See? The doggie’s a doctor and he’s operating on the cat. Funny, right? WRONG! This is creepy as all get out. That canine sure looks menacing – hell, I have my doubts he even went to medical school. And is he a medical practitioner or is something much more sinister going on? I dunno why but I just get the impression Doctor Feelgoodboy here might be on the brink of creating his own feline centipede or worse.

Whatever the bloody hell is going on here I can guarantee you it’s not sanctioned by the ASPCA.


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