August 10 Trivia Rankings

A great night for trivia, if I do say so myself. A three-way tie for first place – the second in a month – and some very nice scores overall. And if I can turn this round of kudos into a PSA, what did we learn this week, Quizlings? “Rule #4: ALWAYS Listen Closely.” I say that for a reason, folks.

What else did we learn? A sampling suit can take up to 20 years to file, Old Lucy is scary and Sparky is above average (at least in height).

Oh and there was this sweet memory …

Oh, I meant to mention – next month we’ll be celebrating seven years of Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia! Join us all month long for special games, prizes and whatever else we can come up with (ice cream…?).

Now here are this week’s trivia team rankings. We’ll see you next time, Quizlings!

Three Years Of Grad School And All I Got Was A Night At Jakes 67
For A Good Time Call 1-800-255-5516 67
Geology Rocks 67
The USA’s Women’s Gymnastics Team of Trivia 66
It’s Not A Birthmark – I’m A Cupper 66
Martial Arts Are More Popular Than Martial Crafts 64
As Useful As An Olympic Lifeguard 64
We Miss You, Frances 63
Hide and Zika 63
We Are Not That Witty 62
La Clos La Door 62
Put Your Phelps Face On 61
Dopey Russians 61
At Least We’ll Win Free Ice Cream, Right? 60
Yellow And Blue Make Green In The Pool 57
Team T.P.A. 54
PED’s Don’t Help In Trivia 51
I’d Like To Order A “Popeye’s Squeeze” But I Don’t See It On The Menu 49
Chad Le So Close 48
Monkeys On A Plane 44
A USA Network Original “The Closer” Starring Michael Phelps 43
Michael’s Finally Legal In Gold 36
It’s A Little Known Fact 30

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