August 3 Trivia Rankings

It’s so funny. Doing trivia week after week, I hear from the Quizlings how tough they thought a particular round to be or how hard a question or game was. There were some murmurings of “too tough” this week and I didn’t think that was so. I know, I know – we live in a time where feelings generally best facts but, as a guy whose stock and trade is fact, I have to tell you Quizlings that the scores look along the lines of what I see most weeks. Make of that what you will, I guess.

What happened? We relived some memorable movie lines, played some Battleship and talked baseball with Bud & Lou. Oh, and just to show you I get my inspiration for questions fro mall over, check this out…

Now, here are this week’s rankings. Compare and contrast – see how you did versus the other teams.

Cruising To Victory With USA Basketball 68
The Pre-K Team 68
Sally Sallies Forth To Baltimore L 66
Glory Is Coming – 8/26 65
First Trivia Since Sparky Beat His Pikachu 63
60% Of The Time We Win Every Time 59
Toss The Floss 59
Ready For The Bi-Weekly Bieber Question 59
An Incomplete Simile Is Like A 59
Chief Keef Ain’t About This, Chief Keef Ain’t About That 58
Still Flossing 57
You’re A Quizard, Harry! 57
Pizza Party 2016 56
How The Turntables 56
The Olympics Are Dope – Team Russia’s Motto 55
Go Team USA 50
Insert Witty Trivia Team Name Here 48
Fuller House 47
Yacht Club 46
Leave the Gun, Take The Cannoli 44
Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Trivia 41
Our Team Name Is –Oh Shit! I Can’t Remember It 39
Many Minnies 28

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