Game, STOP!

I drove by a field today. As I did, I observed several people standing about, holding up their phones and looking around, ignoring a kid in a stroller and a dog on a leash. It took me a moment but then I realized these folks were playing Pokémon Go.

Let it be known that I once collected Pokémon  cards. I watched the Pokémon cartoon and recorded every episode on VHS. I dressed up as Ash Ketcham (complete with life-sized Pikachu) for several Halloweens. I even took the day of off work to watch the first three Pokémon movies in the cineplex. And all of this as an adult (well, legally – not mentally).

And yet, as I drove by that field today, I couldn’t help but lower the window and scream, “GET A LIFE!” I’m not proud of it. It just seemed necessary.

I had half a mind to call officer Jenny to round up that indolent rabble.

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