July 27 Trivia Rankings

Well, we managed to evade the nasty weather yet not the ice cream. But that’s a good thing, I think.

Meanwhile, we learned about the Emmy oops, Tay Tay’s new name and the latest Harry Potter installment. Plus we bid a fond adieu to Emily (K.C. or bust!). Also, yeah, dude, we CAN hear you now …

Now, check out the week’s team rankings. See how you fared.

Squeegee Squad 64
Sorry, Glen… Cher’s With Her 62
Emily’s Last Trivia Before K.C. 60
Russia Hacks Sparky’s Answers 59
RusskiLeaks 59
Can We Replace Donald & Hillary With Ivanka & Chelsea? 58
Two Blondes And A Lawyer 58
For The Team Name 57
Just Latecomers And Hangers On 56
Can You Repeat The Question? A Wild Pikachu Appeared 53
Run DNC 51
99 Pidgeys (And My Team Ain’t Won) 51
W Is One Of Two Letters That Start With D 48
Leslie Knope 2016 48
Never Forget Harambe 44
Average Joes 43
Wisecrackers 42
Olympic Village People 41
“I Did Not Have Relations With That Man” – Hillary Clinton 29

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