July 20 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to everyone who came out to play this week. Some very close scores and a three-way tie for first place. So without any ado, here are the rankings…

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Girls 65
Scott Baio Jumped The Shark 65
First Lady Michelle Trump 65
Dope Is For Dopes … And Russians 63
Happy Birthday, Kevin 62
 “I Ain’t Sorry.” – Beyonce Melania 62
Where My Verb At? 59
Love People, Cook Them Tasty Food 57
One Small Loan For Trump, One Yuge Step Back For Mankind 56
Melania Trump’s Speech Writers: CRTL+C & CRTL-V 54
“One Small Loan For Trump, One Yuge Step Back For Mankind” – Melania Trump 52
We Didn’t Plagiarize Our Team Name 51
Make America Copy & Paste Again 50
Are We In Cary? 46
Trump University: #1 In Plagiarism 39
Don’t Worry. This Is All Just A Simulation #Politics2016 38
#CrookedHIllary 38
 Wake Me Up Before You Pokemon Go Go 37
“I Have A Dream” – Melania Trump 30
Taylor Swift’s Legal Team 27

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