July 6 Trivia Rankings

What a night for trivia, Quizlings. Okay, it was hot – but it didn’t rain! (Take that, Fishel!)

Before we get to the rankings, read up on the new shade of blue, find out about the move for D.C. statehood and get the latest on NASA’s Juno spacecraft.

Oh, and check out the trailer for Swiss Army Man and see a very non-Potter Daniel Radcliffe…

Now let’s see how your team stacked up against the competition. See you next week, Quizlings!

Brexitpocalypse 65
We Found Found Dory – She Was Delicious 65
61,239 Pizzerias In The US. ONE Tomato Jake’s! 64
All Our Fingers Survived The 4th 62
Dale’s New Love Shall Be Nameless! 61
Bad Memes And Mice 59
Not As Delicious As Nemo 59
Brought Our Own Decks – Ate Your Order 59
Is It Cruel That “Lisp” Has An S In It? 58
Juno Who’s Awesome? Glen 58
Donald Trump Hair Salon: We Will Overcomb 57
Thank Glen For $1 Bud Light 57
The Fault In Trump’s Stars 57
Fireworks Fake-Out 55
Hillary Clinton – Too Big To Jail 54
We’re Here For The Ice … We Mean, Trivia 54
We Brought 5 Kids To Trivia (Pray For Us) 53
High Comma Mamma Drama 52
Gas Giants 52
STD-Fence 46
Messi’s Tax Plan 45
Tacos & Corona 40
Independence Day: The Original Brexit 39

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