June 29 Trivia Rankings

Well, it’s official – the weather hates us. Whatcha gonna do?

Well, no reason to tarry, Quizlings. Here are the rankings for the week…

Drumpfexit 68
The Brexit Club 68
With Or Without EU 64
Pizza Toppings Or Team Name? We Don’t Have Time For Both 64
Sausage Party 63
The EU Has One GB Of Free Space 63
Let Them Eat Ice Cream 59
Funner: Gooder Than Fun 59
It’s Polite To Hodor 59
Ben Simmons Is On Our Team … No Autographs Please 56
Hawaiians 55
Team Name Is The Only Prize We Get 53
Prediction: Last Place 53
Copa America Was Messi 52
(Spoiler) R+L=J 52
Next Union To Exit Is FIFA 50
Working Harder Than An Ugly Stripper 49
Walking Talking Stephen Hawking 48
Brexit, The Destroyer of Your 401Ks 46
5 Of Diamonds, Your Order Is Ready 39
Trail of Beers 34
I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost 31
Trial By Combat 30

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