June 22 Trivia Rankings

A marvelous night for trivia. Thanks to all who came to play. I love ALL my Quizlings … even the ones who can’t put away the phones (I may get cross, but I still love).

We saw some old faces and some new ones and even learned a little bit about whales (however, very little about Wales). Meanwhile, sit in the J. K. Rowling chair, get tix for the Future Now Tour and watch the Dalai Lama Caddyshack interview…

Now, here are the team rankings for the week. See you next Wednesday, Quizlings!

Cleveland Still Sucks 70
Sit-In For Ice Cream 69
Poor Trump, No, Really – He Is Broke 67
Say My Name!! Zordon 65
Allison and Simon Just Got Engaged! 65
Orally Fixated 62
Junebugs 62
I Want Krispy Kreme And It’s All Sparky’s Fault 62
Another Guest Is Coming 61
Rod Serling Is My Home Boy 60
Trump’s Brazlian Accounts 57
The Brexit Strategy 57
It’s King Julien’s Birthday – He Likes To Move It, Move It! 56
Jessie Got A New Job! 55
Game of ‘Zones 54
Some Heroes Just Hold The Door 53
Finding Shade 53
2 Time Champ Golden State 52
Blue Team 52
Accio First Place 50
Merkins 49
Erin Go Bragh 44
Cunning Stunts 44
Periodic Table Dancers 42
What Would Dory Do? 41
The Blondes Control 35
Don’t Jake My Heart 23

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