June 8 Trivia Rankings

What a great night for trivia – and some fantastic Quizlings to play. I only hope I held up my end of the bargain.

We learned about the Queen’s Berkshire home, the  IOC’s possible additions and the Pre-Fab Four’s latest.

And here’s how you can know the name of that AT&T clerk …

Now, here are this week’s trivia rankings…

Looks Like That Bern Was Just A Temporary Irritation 67
The Thrilla In Manilla –No, Tomato Jake’s 64
Statisicians Living Dangerously 61
We Can’t Think Of A Team Name And Play Skip-Bo At The Same Time 60
Greatest Trivia Of All Time 60
Skeletor Gave Us Permission To Be Fabulous 59
Alexander Camelton Says Happy Hump Day 55
Bye Bye Bernie 55
Float Like A Butterfly 55
7 And A Schnatsel 55
Trump University Class 2016 54
Hitler’s Proofreader Was A Grammar Nazi 54
We Kicked Out Our Famly To Keep Our Team Down To 8 51
We Hear That Jake Is Mexican 50
Smart Enough To Be At The Smart Table? 50
Race Bannon: Original Bad-Ass 50
Dream Catchers 49
The Pantsapreneurs 48
That Team Right Outside The Door 46
Sparky Mac’s Sparky Sack 45
It’s National Best Friends Day And I’m Playing Trivia Alone 44
No More Students’ Dirty Looks 44
Whatever Happened To Gak? 33
Velociwraptors 28
Awesome August 24 (incomplete)

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