June 1 Trivia Rankings

Wow, is it June already? Yes. Yes, it is. And while the summer hasn’t officially started just yet, we kicked it off in grand style with ice cream and massages and candy and all sorts of fun.

Oh, and awesome trivia.

Thanks, Quizlings, for coming out to play. I think the scores were a little higher this week, so maybe everyone feels a wee bit better about their results.

We learned about bubblegum icons, sheep-pigs and broken down coasters. And this guy …

Now, here are the team rankings for the week:

36+23+36=90 65
Gorilla Babysitter 65
It Was An Alligator Not A Croc 63
Darwinism Fail 62
Crocs Play Through 61
It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superbug! 60
And You Want To Be My Latex Salesman 58
Orchestras Are Just 1800s Cover Bands 56
Shameless Advertising 54
The Trump University Graduates 54
A Team Has No Name 52
Get Glen A Chewie Mask 51
Cameron Picks The Best Team Names 50
Demagogue…Denominator? 49
If The Cubs Can Win The World Series, We Can Win Tonight 47
The Good, The Bad And The Sparky 46
We Love You, Sparky, Can You Please Give Us Candy? 45
The Gorilla Was A Better Parent 40
Russell Westbrook Looks Like A Sandwich 40

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