May 25 Trivia Rankings

“Listen to your friend, Billy Zane – he’s a cool dude.”

I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities. Y’know, it seemed in the heat of the trivia that it was a harder game than usual. Maybe so, but looking at the scores I think overall folks did better than even they suspected. I so rarely see a bonus round where all the scores are as close as they were. Good job, Quizlings!

Please join us next week for a kickoff to summer that includes ice cream for all – and someone walks away with a Massage Envy gift card!

Now, here are the rankings for the week…

Ella Minnow Pea 61
Awesome Speed – Not! 59
Hey, Watch The Elbow, Trudeau 59
The Chewbacca Moms 58
HMS Titanic: The Original Icebucket Challenge 58
Suck It! I Got Bit By A King Cobra 57
Hold The Door 55
Dump The Trumpster 54
Jake And The Lumbersexuals 54
Spoilers Are Coming 53
Booker’s First Night On The Town 53
Schnatsel Terrier 52
Up Yours Trebek! 51
There’s A Bernie In My Caucus 51
Sparky 2016: Making Trivia Great Again 49
Quizards Of The Round Table 48
Kanye SquarePants 48
The Flehmen Responders 47
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 46
We Let The Dogs Out 44
We Don’t Have A Name 43
Fast Times 39
#CarrieOn 39
Queer Quartet 36

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