Party Poop

I hate this commercial. I hate everyone in it. I hate everyone responsible for it. It’s just so full of bohemian jackholes engaging in such a make-believe, party-24/7 lifestyle that I want to scream, “Get off my lawn!” just on general principle.

Forget about the safety regulations, forget about the laws broken – just how do people even know about this house party on wheels? I mean, if  I see a house being moved down the interstate, my first thought isn’t how can I turn that dwelling into an impromptu rave but I better move to the furthest lane so that monstrosity doesn’t kill me! But these millennials? Nope. They run toward the danger like lemmings diving into a wood chipper. Well, good. Perfect. That gets all the ridiculously cool hipster douchebags together in one place. So … two questions: 1) anyone know where the nearest cliff is and 2) how do I reprogram a Garmin?


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