May 11 Trivia Rankings

Ice cream! We got ice cream! Of course, that was merely our way of saying “Thank You!” to all the Quizlings who voted in Indyweek‘s Best of the Triangle. There’s still time to vote over at so get those ballots a-bumpin’!

Meanwhile, get tickets for the spooky opera, meet the Royal Hamster and change the world with Jeff Goldblum …

Now, here are the team rankings for the week. See you next week, Quizlings!

We’re Here For The Cat Paper 66
Jennifer Lawrence Punched Sophie Turner In The Vagina 61
Let’s Trivia Like It’s My Birthday 59
Rod Serling Is My Homeboy 56
The Stephen Curry Of Team Trivia 52
All Mouth, No Trousers 52
We Drink And We Know Things 50
8 Of Clubs 50
Blac Chyna Kept Up With The Kardashians 50
This Bud’s On Me, America 48
Hot Pickles 47
3 Piece And A Biscuit 47
We’re Not Creative People 46
Trump Tower Tacos 46
My Birthday Was Yesterday But Do I Still Get A Brownie? 46
Trump Tower Tacos The Sequel 45
We All Scream For Ice Cream 44
Baby’s Got Mac 40
Richard Sin 40
The Tomato Drakes 37
Charlie’s Team 28

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