Calliope (1999-2016)


It’s hard to say goodbye, even under the best of circumstances. And it’s never the best of circumstances when it comes to losing a beloved pet.

Once again, far too soon by any measure, I’ve had to say goodbye to a feline companion. My lovely little Calliope left me today. She had been plagued by health problems over the years but it was a steady decline, unexplained neurological symptoms and loss of appetite that made an impossible decision necessary.

Calliope first came into my life when she was returned to SAFE Haven For Cats by owners I later discovered had abused and neglected her. This left Calliope with some psychological issues that got her labelled “too aggressive to adopt.” I believed that she was merely a cat who wanted and desired love but was unable to regulate her emotions in manner conducive to achieving that goal. So I took her home and within days she was a different cat – loving, affectionate, trusting and sociable. Calliope always had her special catitude but her issues lessened as the years went by and she grew to be the cat I knew she wanted to be when she was at the shelter.

I know it was for the best, and I know I gave her fifteen years she would not otherwise have had if I had not adopted her, but the decision to say goodbye was tough, painful and ultimately heartbreaking. I’ll miss her very much.

In Calliope’s memory, I’m making a donation to SAFE Haven For Cats. The no-kill shelter rescued Calliope and her siblings when she was a kitten and gave me the opportunity to rescue her when she was an adult. They do fantastic work and deserve all the support they can get. Feel free to donate in Calliope’s memory or for someone you’ve loved and lost.


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