March 30 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play. Only one team can win – but you’re all winners to me! Unfortunately, I cannot give everyone a $50 Tomato Jake’s card, so the “winner by high score” structure remains in effect for the foreseeable future.

If you missed the fun, we said goodbye to Garry Shandling, looked forward to Halley’s Comet, journeyed the Appalachian Trail and trekked through the solar system.

Meanwhile, sing along with Spike Lee, Charles Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson on the road to the Final Four.

Now, here are the rankings for the week…

Egypt Air Portrait Studio 69
Can We Punish Trump’s Mom For Not Having An Abortion? 67
All Trumped Out 64
Sign Language Is Pretty Handy 64
Capitalist Propoganda 61
Stale Peeps 60
Dog Days Of Spring 59
I Tawt I Taw A Democrat 59
Generic Team Name 59
Bring Back The Brownie 59
The House’s Discretion 56
Which Bathroom Do I Use? 55
I Hope UNC Loses 54
LionMonkeyBaby 54
Keaux Keaux 48
A Row Of Mailboxes On Willow Street 46
Trump Likes Hoobastank 46
The No Names 44
Nothing Clever 42
Recruiting Fellow Teammates 41
Stay Away From Heidi 40
Relax, Trump – We’re Legal 39
Just The Two Of Us 39

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