3/23 Trivia Rankings

Another fantastic night for trivia, Quizlings. Thank you for joining us.

If you missed it (shame on you), you can catch up by reading some Calvin & Hobbes, following The Pope on Instragram,  enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s and seeing what so-called “stars” are dancing this season.

Meanwhile, let’s watch Pepe the King Prawn from The Muppets flirt with Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer…

Now, here are the trivia rankings for this week. See how your team fared.

First Sign Of Apocalypse – Bush Endorses Cruz 67
Obama Libre 67
Seriously? 67
Punkier Bewster 66
Sparky/Glen 2016 63
Team Windows 98 – We’re Always Crashing At Your Mom’s House 62
Bye Bye, Braces 62
We’re Falafel 59
Bill Chose Other Women Over Hillary. You Should Too 59
Jesus Was Probably The First Scarecrow 57
Team Name Worthy Of A Brownie 57
The Red Hot Trivia Peppers 54
Your Candy Or Your Life 51
Boaty McBoatface 50
Slytherin 48
The World Needs A 🙂 48
The Ellen Degenerates 46
Did We Need To Study For This? 42
Our Casey Is Always Late 42
Chillin’ With My Peeps 40
Mildly Severe 37
Jakes? Why Did It Have To Be Jakes? 36

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