March 16 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play Wednesday night. The weather was great, the crowd was great and the trivia – well, I’m biased.

Check out Louis Anderson as the mom in Baskets…

But before we move on to the rankings, I’d like to thank my hand model, Jack, for his assistance. I think this is how it feels to be a Big Brother.

Now, here are this week’s rankings. See how your team stacked up.

Raiders Of The Lost AARP 68
Make A Merrick Great Again 66
Call Us Right Said Fred ‘Cuz We’re A One Hit Wonder 65
Beware The Ides Of Trump 64
Josh Ran A Marathon! 64  (tie)
Magically Delicious 64  (tie)
I Already Miss Political Commercials 64
Brokered Team Name Convention 62
The 16 Seed 62
We’re Here For The Pizza 60
The Only Bern I Fell Is A UTI 59
Patty For Prez 59
March Sadness: Bracket Of One 58
Full Metal Bracket 57
Irish This Election Was Over 56
Yeah, Well … We Told A Flint Michigan Joke And It Went Over Like A Lead Balloon 56
Sentenced To 15 Years Of Trivia 51
Trivia Madness 50
It’s No Sham That We Rock! 46
Dirty Randy and the Boys 37
Bad Brains 34

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