Anime (1997-2016)


I said goodbye to my lovely little Anime today. The bob-tailed beauty was 18 and had been a part of my life since she was about a year old. Friends aside, that is the longest relationship of my adult life.

Anime first came to my home when I was looking for a companion for my late Benjamin. He’d been an only cat for six years and I wasn’t sure how he’d take to another feline in his territory. I chose Anime because she seemed sweet, affectionate and eager for companionship – and I hoped, being half his size at around 7 pounds, she wouldn’t seem too much of a threat to Ben. That was an excellent choice because Anime and Ben became fast friends and could often be seen lying in the sun, grooming one another or chasing each other around the house (each in turn as the chaser/chasee).

For about a year now, Anime had been living on some sort of borrowed time. She stopped eating her regular food last spring and soon stopped eating much of anything. I tried nearly every food, dry and wet, I could buy or borrow but about the only thing she seemed to enjoy was cat treats and, being a finicky feline, the treat she desired seemed to change on a daily basis. That kept me on my toes, but by providing her with a feline smorgasbord to tempt her tummy I managed to get her to put on a few more ounces and stay with me until now when cancer crept in to take whatever vitality and dignity she had left.

My veterinarian would joke that for the last year Anime was kept alive by air and love. I can only attest to the last ingredient.

In honor of Anime, I am making a donation to SAFE Haven For Cats, the no-kill shelter where I first met her. I encourage anyone who has ever known, loved or cared for a furry companion to do the same.


A young Anime, shortly after I adopted her

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