February 10 Trivia Rankings

The night was cold but the trivia was hot. Or the pizza was hot. Something was hot (you know who you are).

We learned North Carolina’s workplaces are a little less deadly than the used to be. We learned Glen knows how to tell a joke but should work on his timing. And we learned Sparky’s infrastructure goes pretty much the way of all of his relationships. (By the way, Valentine’s Day is Saturday.)

First up, Quizlings, let me fess up to a questionable question from Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia. Although the Elton John question was correct, it has been brought to my attention that it was misleading. I was asking to name a Broadway show that won a Tony for Best Musical for which Mr. John provided the music. However, I think some people took it to mean any Broadway show that won any Tony award. In that case, Aida would be acceptable so I have amended the scores to reflect that and will make restitution next week.

Now, let’s move on to the full trivia rankings for the week but – hey, first check out some Giant Realistic Flying Tiger from Uncle Grandpa

Puppymonkeybaby 66
Less Coldplay More Left Shark 66
Cam’s Hoodie Of Sadness 62
Pledge Drive Ends Friday 60
First Kiss Is Tomato Jake’s 59
Moon Pie 59
At Least There Are Open Tables 58
Bernie Beats Banker’s Best 56
Ash-Kickin’ Wednesday 55
#PoundSign 53
Fumble! Enh – Nevermind 53
Just A Small Town Girl 52
The Trumpback Whales 50
I Told A Chemistry Joke And Got No Reaction 49
Mikey Mike And The Funky Bunch 47
Resting Eli Face 42
George 42
Basketball Trumps Trivia 37
Dirty Randy and the Boys 36

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