February 3 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all you Quizlings who came out to play. I was very impressed that some of you knew some very obscure trivia – even Teen Wolf’s jersey number!

Next week, I predict a few Valentine’s Day posers and perhaps a Superb Owl question or two.

Now, quick like bunnies, on to this week’s trivia team rankings…

Insert Caucus Joke Here 63
Trump Got Trumped 60
The Beauty School Dropouts 57
Let’s Flip A Coin For It 55
Trumper Tantrum 55
Hillary’s Starting To Feel The Bern 48
Trump’s Border Patrol 48
Cruzin’ For A Bruisin’ 47
Iowa Caucus Blockers 46
Hillary Wins Iowa For 75 Cents 45
The Flaming Hippos 43
Orange Crush 40
Sonic And Garlic Knuckles 39
Missing Madoff 39
Sandy Burgher Says, “Hi!” 36
We Still Got It! 36
Hope Floats 36
Jeopardeez Nuts 32
Chalupa Batman 32 (tie)
Chicken Parm, You Taste So Good 32 (tie)
What Would Trump Do? 31

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