January 27 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. The questions were all good this week; we just learned Sparky can be forgetful.

First, read Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem, then check out the Raleigh bug survey and, finally, watch Rihanna’s video:

Now, here are the full rankings for all the teams:

Señor Juan Cadaver 70
Abe Vigoda Died. How Could They Tell? 68
Not Endorsed By Sarah Palin 64
Rage Against The Vending Machine 63
Too Hungry To Think Of A Team Name 63
Drunk Fansicle 62  (tie)
Panther Nation 62  (tie)
The Red Queens 61
We’re Just Here For The Brownie 60
Vowels As Consonauts 59
Crouching Trivia Team, No Tables 57
A Snow Bank Took My Parking Spot 53
The Trivia Trifecta 52
Steve Thinks He’s Better Than Us 51
Where Our Pitchers At? 48
Professional Masticator 47
Sarah Palin LOL – We’re Political 45
Endorsed By Sarah Palin 42

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