January 20 Trivia Rankings

First off, mea cupla. I screwed up. Even if I stand by the question – I should have had the sense to toss it before I even asked it, to explain the category better and to just generally do a hundred other things that would have made the evening less tainted. If it helps (and it should), I have personally gone over all the scores and all the answer sheets and if I had thrown out the iffy question the top three would have remained the same. So, no one went home with a gift card they did not earn.

Still. Apologies. I hate that I disappointed anyone (I’m a pleaser) and I hate kicking myself for what in 20/20 hindsight seems obvious but at the moment less so (my own worst critic). I’ll do better in future and, if I don’t accomplish that goal, rest assured I tried.

Meanwhile, here’s that Prez on the State Flag…

Beskrivning Washington state flag.png

And click HERE for the CDC report on STDs.

Now, here are the ranking for all the Quizling teams…

Teachers Like Snow Days Too 66
Time For Milk Sandwiches 61
Snapes On A Plane 59
Well Hung Jury 58
Fresh Pb20 Imported From Flint, Michigan 55
6 -7 Inches 51
Pity points … We need some 51
I Can See Trump’s Toupee From Alaska 50
Gotta Get Bread And Milk 47
Every Day Should Be Hump Day 46
Palin Trumps Cruz 44
No More Milk, No More Bread 44
Feastmode 43
We Burned The Phone Book For Warmth 42
Celebrating 90 Years Of Awesome 41
City Girls Just Seem To Find Out Early 41
Blizzard 2016 40
Daddy’s On Doody Again 38
8 Of Clubs, Your Order’s Ready 38
Quack 36

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