Oh! Susanna

It was 1991. I went to see Don Henley in concert. It was a very good show but the most memorable part of the performance was the opening act: Susanna Hoffs. The Bangles had recently disbanded and Hoffs had released her first album. As such, she was touring to promote it. Now, I’ve always fancied Ms. Hoffs; she’s a lovely and accomplished woman and, as the breakout star of the Bangles, Susanna was certainly a major talent. But from the twelfth row that August night something magical happened. After singing a few selections from her solo effort and even a choice Bangles hit or two, Ms. Hoffs launched into a cover of the Bad Company tune Feel Like Makin’ Love. And she didn’t just sing the song; she undressed that song and made sweet, sweet love to it. For the next five minutes, I stood transfixed as this pop goddess writhed in the spotlight and seduced me with her voice, her body, her music. It was sexy, it was steamy and it was the highlight of my young life. As Susanna Hoffs sang, “Baby, when I think about you, I think about loooooo-oooo-ooove,” I knew it was aimed directly at me. And when she punctuated her vocal pronouncement with the come-hither overture of “Feel like makin’ love, feel like makin’ love, feel like makin’ love, feel like makin’ love, I feel like makin’ love to you,” I was no longer a boy. Oh sure, I had previously known the pleasures of the female flesh in extremely carnal ways but as Susanna Hoffs sang this ode to sexual intercourse it became obvious to me that prior to that moment I was not a man. So thank you, my dear Susanna – thank you for making me a man. Perhaps not in the way I would have chosen in my wildest dreams but in a way that was all too right and appropriate for me in that particular moment in time.

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