December 30 Trivia Rankings

A fine way to cap off the year, eh, Quizlings? Especially if you are a Star Wars fan. But don’t worry – there’s so much more trivia in 2016 and that’s just a week away!

Meanwhile, you can read up on the Peanuts character Franklin here or just watch the first appearance of Bobba Fett below.

And here are the full rankings for this week, from top to bottom…

I Have A Bad Feeling About This 69
Is It Winter Yet? 63
There Goes Cosby – Always Mugging For The Camera 63
The Canadian Borg Resistance Would Be Impolite 62
The Meadowlark Lemon Of Trivia 61
Wookieepedia Brown 61
El Nino, I Am Your Father 58
2015 Resolution Fulfilled 57
Stats So Raven 50
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! 46
Chip-Off The Ol’ Rock-y 45
Greater Than Velcro 45
We’re Sitting Outside; Please Give Us Candy 45
The Crash Test Dummies 40
The Prescribers Of Pain 37
Affluenza Kids 36
Better Late Than Never 36

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