December 16 Trivia Rankings

Some yuletide fun, some Star Wars names and even some Golden Globes. That was Wednesday night trivia this week. Hope you were there. If not, hope you can join us next week or the week after. Yep, trivia is on through the hols and into 2016. We’ll even give away a Massage Envy gift card to one lucky Quizling!

Meanwhile …

Here are the full rankings for all the teams. See you next week!

You Will Cry When Han & Chewie Die 64
After The Force Awakens, Will It Go Back To Sleep? 62
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball 60
Happy Christmahanukwanzaaakah 59
Cats Rule 57
Spoiler Alert: Jar Jar Is Back! 53
Han Yolo 53
There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand 51
Festivus For The Rest Of Us 51
I Can’t Put My Arms Down 51
I Hope Our Trivia Force Awakens Tonight 50
The Odds Of Us Winning This Are 3720 to 1 50
Merry Quizmas 49
Inglorious Blasters 48
This Team Outscored Kobe 47
Star Wars Spolier: Dragon Kills Gandalf 44
Daddy’s On Duty 42

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