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French Cheeses

I was driving by a local high school recently when I noticed the marquee sign out front – you know the one that usually says things like Pep Rally Friday or Report Cards Next Week. I normally just pass it by without a second glance only this time a double take was required because the sign said:

French Cheese Night Thursday

What the hey?! When I was a kid, the most culturally impressive thing we ever did was the Language Olympics and Donkey Basketball, but these precious youths are sampling Roquefort and Reblochon. And this wasn’t even a private school! I guess I thought all that really separated my generation and the young people of today was cell phones and a more sexually-charged music. Was I ever wrong. These kids are out eating French cheeses and probably playing squash and polo! Do they have driver’s ed in BMWs? Is Robin Leach the school principal? Am I just so freakin’ jealous it isn’t even funny?

Asked and answered. Move along now … and don’t bloody choke on your Brie.

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